Surreal, ethereal, other worldly...

I have long been fascinated by that transitional space between land and sea, the foreshore, exposed twice a day and under water twice a day, especially along the Glamorgan Coast on the north side of the Bristol Channel, which has the second highest tidefall in the world. 

I am also drawn to that time of day where day transforms into night, the twilight time between sunset and night.

The Glamorgan Coast, especially Southerndown, has featured in many Doctor Who episodes and sometimes at twilight on the foreshore between sea and land you can almost imagine yourself in another world.

And what better way to capture this other worldliness than with a Hasselblad 500EL/M, which is a version of the camera that NASA used for the Moon landings. Apparently there are still a dozen of them still on the Moon.

And what better medium to use than Fujichrome Velvia 50, notorious for its colour shifts towards magenta, red and blue during long exposures in low light. Velvia certainly has its part to play in capturing the 'other world'.

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